Janella talks about her impending trip to visit Kat (who’s now a pothead ) in 16 days and all the fun that will be had. Janella is reminded several times that she is getting old and probably has sad, shriveled up eggs. The recent NY/NJ bombings are discussed. A bizarre wrongful death suit against Jim Carrey leads into an interesting discussion about quack doctors giving celebrities any and all meds they want and the age differences in relationships. GUYS, BRAD & ANGELINA ARE NO MORE! How will the world move on from this devastating blow? (Sarcasm) Flirting and watching porn while in a relationship–what’s ok and what’s not ok. Diego, the man whore tortoise, saves his species by having A LOT of turtle sex. Janella sends Kat a glitter bomb in the mail because she’s a bad friend The show ends on a high note with some funnies and lots of laughs. Only minimal racist remarks are in this episode!